Grezundl and the Frog Prince

Okay, I have done it. I published another book. This one is a fairy-tale entitled, Grezundl and the Frog Prince. I actually wrote it a couple of years ago, but it just sat in a folder for a while. Recently, I had opportunity to reread it again and found it, unlike some of my other work, stood up well to the test of time (at least two years worth of it). I then decided to spend the time and effort it would take to get it into actual book form.

I originally wrote it for my children, who were very much entertained by it. Not that this is a general recommendation, my progeny tend to eccentricity on my own level. What they like, the world will not necessarilly also enjoy.

The book is loaded with bad puns, sarcastic humor, and a touch of pathos which will have readers laughing and weeping by the end. Well, at least smiling and sniffling (especially if they have a cold). Even so, I usually write for my own entertainment and if anyone else finds it entertaining so much the better.

As I may have mentioned before, I have written about 10 books. Now three have been published. Looking at the other books, I wonder if they are worth bothering with. Most of them are (dare I say of myself) as witty and sarcastic as the books I have already published. However, they were mainly written in a more adult vain. In one book I treat with religion and sex in a seemingly off-hand manner. By the title you will see what I mean: “Antic: The Confessions of the Anti-Christ” The message is actually quite positive, but it tends to be reverent beneath all of the irreverence, if that is possible. When my mother-in-law read a draft, she said. Why don’t you write something that you would be happy to let your children read. I took her comment to heart and “Grezundl and the Frog Prince” was the result.

I just hope it does well as my cookbook!

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