Kindle 2

Okay, Okay, after all the nasty things I said about the original Kindle and the Segway, now I am doing a one-eighty. Well, not exactly. I was talking about the old kindle. The Kindle 2 has just come out, and I am amazed at the features that are available on it.

First off, it is a slender 1/3 of an inch. It has a hugely long battery life. Two weeks! You can download books directly from the internet, subscribe to newspapers like the Wall Street Journal (right now for 99.00). It will carry around 1500 books (equivalent to every book currently on the premises).

I thought the old Kindle a bit clunky like most book readers, but now I see what an electronic book reader can be. Heck, the new Kindle 2 can even read to you!

Back in the ancient 90s at a party, I got in a discussion with a couple of programmers about ebook readers. They were telling me that they would make books obsolete. I told them that I did not think that old fashioned paper books would ever go out of style. True readers would not want to give up the feel, the ability to dog ear and make notes in margins. Until today I thought smugly how right I was and how wrong they were. After all how could an electronic device have the look of paper? At Amazon they have thought of all of that. The electronic paper technology is actually a pleasure to read. My favorite feature is that you can make annotations on the text. One added feature…the books are cheaper than if you bought them in a bookstore and you can order them from your armchair by the fire.


p.s. (10 Mar 2009) – I am a frequent reader of Aaron Wall and his blog. He has his own enthusiastic review of the Kindle 2. He talks about having two or three for reference. I have thought it might be nice to have one each for my wife, my daughter and myself. However, with storage for 1500 books, I think one will be enough for now.

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