Update: Google Toolbar Withdrawal

Okay, it has been has been two months since I removed the PR bar from the Google tool bar in my browser. I thought it was about time for a progress report.

No, I have not been completely true to my intentions. Whenever I get the overwhelming urge to check the Page Rank on a webpage I turn it on for a split second and then turn it off again, as if by having it up for less time lessens the severity of the breach in my willpower.

However, I am pretty good about it. I will occasionally check to see the status of an important page within one of my websites. Or I will bring it up to check a website I might consider buying. I figure it would be almost malpractice not to look at the page rank in that case.

Even so, from everything I hear, the page rank bar is practically meaningless, and the Google algorithm actually looks at other factors. I don’t know. All I can say is despite my occasional lapses, I have been far happier working on the web since I stopped worrying about page rank.

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