Page Rank Tool Removed!

I was all in a panic today. The page rank on one of my websites went down a notch! It set off a train of thinking that bordered on the irrational. What could I do to get some of that page rank back?

But before I could go down that dark path of S-ch Eng-ne Opt-ization (dirty words to some). I said to myself, wait a darn minute! Should I really be doing anything? My stats had not discernibly changed on the website. That is really the bottom line, is it not? I decided that the real problem here was not my website, which is just as useful today as it was yesterday. It was the whole page rank thing which is always driving these panics. I am certain that it has people performing all kinds of gyrations on their websites just to get that little green bar to extend a fraction (and I do mean fraction) of an inch longer. 

Well, I made a rash move for a web-publisher. I went in my tool bar and disabled the Page Rank display button. I had been thinking for a long time about doing this, but I did not want to give up some of the other useful features of the bar. I like having a search box always ready on my browser, and I like the spell checker that checks my text in forms. Yet, I did not have to give these up. I merely clicked the “Settings” button on the right side of the toolbar, clicked on “options”, and the “more” tab, and then unchecked the page rank button under the “Even More Buttons” header.

I am feeling a bit giddy about the whole thing. Like most rash moves, I may find myself regretting it. I can even see myself cheating and going in and turning on the button occasionally, “just to see”. But for now, I plan to relax and work on some projects without worrying about how they will rank.

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