Google Results Becoming More Opinion than Fact

Is it just me or are the results on Google becoming more slanted toward opinion than fact? I haven’t seen anything about this in other blogs. Yet, when I find myself looking for hard information on something, I normally begin with a Google query. After scanning the first page and finding no websites that will answer my query. I quickly jump to Yahoo and give it a shout. I have actually been finding the Yahoo results more appropriate of late.

What could cause this change in results on Google? I have a feeling that it has to do with the down-grading of directories and the increasing significance of social media. The relevance of directories has been coming more and more into question. Google has been sending most of the directory results and link page results into the so called supplemental directory. Because of this, I keep seeing more and more results from blogs and less and less from static sites. This would be okay, except that I find that blogs are less carefully written than static sites and also less well researched – more opinion based than fact based. Perhaps I am biased. Disclaimer – I create mainly static webpages for InDepthInfo.

Not sure, but I think Google may begin to feel some negative results from their campaign to devalue directories, especially the quality directories. Directories have always been a way to sort out the serious sites from the frivolous. In a day when anyone can create a blog and write ad infinitum about any subject, without any editorial control, it would seem to me that the quality of the information spewing forth from them can only decline. Truthfully social media sites are easier to game than quality directories. With directories, many of which charge for a listing, at least the person seeking a link must be serious enough, and confident enough in his website to put his money where his mouth is.

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